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Cod of conduct


Sociedade Caolinita LTDA's mission is focused in transforming natural resources into economic sustainable development. We aim to be a role model company, working with excellence and caring for people and for our planet.


Our company values and believes that every worker has the right to work in a healthy and safe environment. Our management policy is based on the prevention of losses caused by risks to the health and physical and mental integrity of the members of our organization as well as accidents and incidents that result in damage to people's lives and the environment. Furthermore, we invest on safe equipment along with constantly training and development aligned with our genuine active care.


One of our focus is to ensure protection and promotion of human rights within our organization, applying and respecting all the employees in our operations and projects. We rely on basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled, which is part of the principles of the UN International Charter of Human Rights and in the fundamental conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO).


We guarantee and assure to all our employees’ development and meritocratic opportunities regardless of gender, color, ethnicity, origin, religious beliefs, social class, sexual orientation, disabilities or cultural and / or ideological differences; thus generating a welcoming environment and valuing diversity. We reject any and all types of bullying, sexual harassment and we are committed to taking corrective measures in relation to such practices.


We aim to build and promote a healthy, relevant and fair business environment based on free competition. We have a complete and transparent performance in the market, fighting any and all types of manipulation and / or fraud. We are committed to the quality of our services, always keeping the transparency and veracity of the data and information related to all our products, services and operations, ensuring that no relevant information or data is omitted or tampered with.


We fight against any and all forms of abuse of power and / or authority in order to take advantages or influencing decisions; we also fight against the corruption and prohibit the offer and / or receipt of bribes and / or facilitation payments.


With have partnership with companies of different sizes and segments, located in strategic locations in our country. As we always look for organizations that are aligned with the same principles and values as ours, we select and manage our suppliers and customers carefully, ethically and with transparency.
We do our best to enhance our company's relationship with our external public (customers, suppliers, service providers, the press, investors, communities and public or government officials). We are aware that exchanging gifts (gifts, vouchers, tickets, airline tickets, among others) or hospitality (travel or transportation, meals, tickets to social events) helps us to strengthen professional relationships. However, we emphasize that such practices should never be carried out with the intention of influencing decisions, generating facilitations, advantages and / or privileges.

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