Our products have the chemical-physical characteristics to operate in national and international markets. The most common markets are ceramic, porcelain, paint, civil construction and rubber industries.
Sociedade Caolinita is looking for developing markets. Besides from that, the company is always open to listen to our customers and to work in partnership with them aiming to develop other mining usage scenarios.


In our Mining Area, we have mineral reserves with around 3.5 million tons that guarantee a useful life of more than two decades in the current production scale. In the environmental context, the company has areas with more than 130 hectares. More than 50% of the area is dedicated to environmental preservation including Atlantic forest reserves areas.
In addition to the environmental responsibility actions, we have social projects to support the community around our Mining area (such as sports social work, collaboration in the improvement of roads and donations to local institutions including Schools, Health Centers, City Hall, Military Police and Fire Department).

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